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AI Has Developed Its Own Sport

This week a new sport was unveiled. They play six against six, the field has dimensions similar to those of futsal and is played on grass and with a rugby ball. So far, nothing strange. What makes SpeedGate different is that it has been conceived by artificial intelligence. Created by AKQA, the AI ​​has learned the rules of 400 “real” sports and combined them to develop Speedgate, which could be summed up as a strange combination of football and rugby, with a touch of Quidditch.

The rules are simple. The field has three goals or doors. One at each end and the rest in the center of the field. The latter is surrounded by a circle into which players cannot enter. Two teams of six players (three attackers and three on defense) pass the ball using their feet or hands. The objective is to mark one of the doors of the opposite end, but for this, the ball must first pass through the central door.

SpeedGate was one of the many ideas of AKQA and, strictly speaking, the most successful. Some of those who did not pass the screenign were underwater parkour, a game that consisted of throwing a frisbee or exploding disc and another in which players passed a ball, and balancing on a rope tied to two hot air balloons.

The AI ​​not only took care of the SpeedGate rules, it also designed several sport logos, based on real sports logos. The objective of the game is not to create a federation or aspire to be part of the Olympic Games, but simply to evaluate the understanding of technology, such as AI, about what can be fun and possible without being dangerous.

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