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Stanford University Creates a Robot Dog

Stanford University has created something very interesting. His name is Doggo and he is a four-legged robot. It follows similar designs to other small quadruped robots, but what makes it unique is its low cost and accessibility. While similar robots can cost tens of thousands of dollars, the creators of Doggo, the Stanford Extreme Mobility laboratory, estimate that for less than $ 3,000 it can be done because the design is open source, which means that anyone can access the plans and get to build.

Born to investigate, “we had seen these other quadruped robots used in research, but they weren’t something you could bring to your own laboratory and use for your own projects,” said Nathan Kau, a mechanical engineering student and leader of Extreme Mobility, in an interview of his university. “We wanted Stanford Doggo to be this open source robot that you could build with a relatively small budget.”

Although Doggo is cheap to produce, it also has a better performance than the most expensive robots, thanks to the improvements in the design of its leg mechanism and the use of more efficient engines. It is better than the Minitaur, similar in size and shape from Ghost Robotics (which costs more than $ 11,500) and a greater vertical jump capacity than the MIT Cheetah 3 robot.

Machines like Doggo are part of what some researchers believe is a coming robotic revolution. These types of robots are increasingly capable, and companies such as Boston Dynamics, Agility Robotics and Anybotics, the big ones, are beginning to consider them useful tools for jobs such as site surveying, surveillance, security and even package delivery.

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