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This Device Could Allow You To Drink Toilet Water

If you’re thirsty, would you drink a glass of water from the toilet? It doesn’t seem like the best idea and, obviously, we don’t encourage it. But there is someone who has no qualms about showing you what can be done.

This person is Ian Stanley and he is the creator of Fixt Nomad: a gadget that serves as a filter for non-salt water that is not healthy at first glance, but thanks to an internal purification system, allows the water to be potable. Although at first you do not find a utility in your day to day life, it is a device that could be of use in situations of natural disaster with difficult access to drinking water, in third world countries where access to drinking water is nonexistent or far from the populations, or even if someone is lost in the middle of the mountain with no more resources than rainwater from a puddle.

Stanley offers 3 types of filters: one portable, another tied to a bag that allows the purification of a greater amount of water or, even, as an adapter to a water cistern in which it is necessary to clean a greater number of liters of water: “Use ionic adsorption, combined with an iodized resin to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. In addition, it eliminates all pollutants through a complicated route that guarantees that nothing bad gets through. All while increasing the PH to 9.5% to ensure that the water is alkaline.”  Therefore, no toxin or chemical should reach the body.

As Stanley points out, he came up with this idea as a way to offer people a tool with which they could save their lives if they were in a risk situation: “I know that having water makes the difference between living or dying. For people who like to go on adventures and explore it is a necessary element with which they should always leave home.” If you want to know more about the product or even support its production, you just have to access its page in Indiegogo with a minimum price of 47 euros. Here you can see more in depth what the project consists of.

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