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Amazon Presents The Echo Show 5

If the Echo Show had surprised us for several reasons and at the same time left us with certain doubts, many of these have been resolved today with the arrival of his “little” brother, the Echo Show 5. With a somewhat more organic and compact design, a smaller screen (5.5 inches) and the same sound quality and camera (also HD), we are facing a clear commitment to interactivity and smart homes by Amazon.

What has improved with respect to the Echo Show? In the first instance it is noted that Amazon has taken into account the suggestions of users and their doubts regarding privacy.

The new Echo Show 5 includes a button to disconnect the microphones and the camera electronically. It also has a visual indicator (easy to see) that warns when the audio or video is being transmitted to the cloud. In addition, 5 incorporates an integrated camera cover so that it can be easily covered while still talking to Alexa.

As if this were not enough, now the user has the ability to delete voice recordings on all devices with integrated Alexa. To do this, just say “Alexa, delete what I just said” or “Alexa, delete everything I’ve said today” and the recordings will disappear.

As far as the smart home is concerned, it has a new panel for the Digital Home that allows greater control over compatible smart devices, both individually and in groups. This means that from one of them, anyone, you can control the functions of, for example, lights, screens, thermostats, coffee makers, etc. It is also possible to program routines, such as activating the coffee maker 10 minutes before the alarm or connecting the doorphone camera to the mobile every time it rings and we are not at home, thanks to the bi-directional conversation function with the cameras and Ring bells.

The Echo Show 5 maintains the ability to watch videos through Vevo and obviously from Prime Video’s own service. But it still doesn’t include Netflix or HBO. In music it does show a little more “open or fiexible”: you can listen to Amazon Music, but also Spotify or Deezer, among others.

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