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A New App Can Take Care of Sea Turtles

During 2017, 13 nests of sea turtles (Caretta caretta) were registered in Spain, and last year 10 were located, including turtle tracks, females, nests with laying and young that have already been born and want to reach the sea. Knowing how to act when the presence of turtles is detected is key to ensuring that it is respected and does not interfere in the life of animals. This is the objective of the Caretta project in sight, from the Central University of Catalonia. Now those responsible have just created an application to facilitate communication between citizens who detect a nesting activity and the technicians and administration responsible for managing it.

How does the app work?

The tool allows you to alert, instantly and with just one click from the app, the detection of a trail, a turtle, a nest or young. The application automatically contacts the emergency telephone number and starts up the stipulated management protocols. It offers clear and practical advice on how to act on suspicion of any presence of these animals. It offers a list of different groups of existing volunteers that organize to patrol the beaches, in case you want to contact or collaborate. It also has a learning section in which it shares educational materials on, for example, the nesting process or on how to recognize traces and identify nests. 

Why are they here?

The sea turtle or loggerhead is an endangered species, listed globally as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and which normally places on the eastern shores in countries such as Greece or Turkey.

According to Mireia Aguilera, the other coordinator of the project, it is most likely that “we are facing individuals looking for new areas to reproduce, expand their distribution in nesting and give adaptive responses to a scenario of global temperature rise.”

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