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The New Google Nest Hub Arrives

After much waiting for Google’s response to the Amazon Echo Show, the new Nest Hub has arrived in Spain, a smart speaker with a 7-inch screen whose goal is to connect all the devices in the house in one (hence its name Hub).

How much can you control? A lot. It is possible to put music on all the connected speakers of the house, lower the blinds and turn on the smart lights in orange or connect the coffee maker.

In its most complex (and interesting) mode, the Google Nest Hub distinguishes up to 6 different voices and facilitates the creation of routines: all someone has to say is “OK Google”, and the device will then answer “Good morning Juan [or whoever said OK Google],” and carry out the corresponding routine, which can be to raise the lights, turn on the heating, put the news on the screen, report traffic conditions to work and set alarms in two previously selected rooms.

We should also add its interpreter mode: it translates up to 20 languages ​​in real time. We haven’t had time to test it in depth, but its translation algorithm is based (and evolved as well) on the ubiquitous Google Translator.

The speakers work very well in terms of sound quality and in the front, it has two microphones with a high sensitivity that make it easy for the user to communicate easily from anywhere. A light sensor adapts to the ambient light and at the time, which is very useful for not having a screen shining on the nightstand at three in the morning.

Its screen makes it very useful in the kitchen and other rooms, to watch videos. For now, only YouTube and streaming music services such as Spotify are available, but there are already plans to have Netflix soon, a compatibility with Google that was in high demand.

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