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You Can No Longer Share Where You Tweet From

Twitter has announced that it will eliminate the ability to tag the precise location of tweets. In a communication from its support account, the company explained that most users did not use the function and eliminating it would simplify the experience. The only exception will be the tweeted photos from the Twitter camera.

But let’s not sing victory: Twitter will still be able to access your precise location (if you give permission, of course), but except in the case of the camera, you will not be able to share it with other users.

Tagging the location has always been a difficult topic for Twitter, especially in matters of privacy. In fact, until their privacy policy changed in 2015, there were cases in which users selected that they wanted to share their location and ended up publishing more than they wanted because they did not know the level of detail of the application. Between 2009 and 2015 if you tweeted with geolocation, it is possible that you shared the exact place of the globe in which you were still without knowing it.

Since most users do not agree to share their precise location, it is clear that this is an unwanted feature on the social media platform and Twitter has taken a step in the right direction. While revealing the city where you live or being in the FIB is one thing, sharing your exact GPS coordinates on a public platform is completely different, especially for months or even years. We are increasingly aware of the importance of privacy and it seems that platforms react.

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