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IBM Patents A Smartwatch With A Drop-Down Screen

IBM has been leading the list of companies with the most technology patents for several years and this year has received approval of a patent for a smart watch that transforms into a phone or tablet. The device goes from 2×3 inches of the clock format, at 4×6 inches, similar to a phone and reaches 8×12 inches in its tablet size. a wrist-mounted, a concept that today is unlikely but that could come true with advances in display technology.

Here’s what it may look like:


According to the patent, it is a smart watch with a screen with virtually no bezels that can be deployed. “The concept,” explains IBM, “is to expand the screen using a set of panels that form a storage compartment inside the case.” The interesting thing is that each panel can be configured independently to be deployed according to the desired configuration.

It remains to be seen whether we will ever see this tech on the street, but in any case it has been patented, something that IBM is in the habit of doing with almost anything that is feasible to patent. Other examples of interesting IBM patents we found are brief work meetings, automatic email replies (patented two years ago) or an automatic system to send messages while driving.

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