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New Details on Nintendo’s Latest Console

It has finally arrived: the younger sister of the successful Nintendo Switch has been announced. It’s called Nintendo Switch Lite. The most notable difference from the original is that it is a completely portable device, in fact it cannot be connected to the TV. This also implies that it will be compatible with all Switch games that are adapted to portable game mode (most of them).

This portability has generated some changes. The console controls are fixed to the screen, smaller than its predecessor (5.5 vs. 6.2 inches). Fortunately they have thought about compatibility and if we have the Joy-Con wireless controls, it is possible to connect them via Bluetooth and then play any title compatible with Nintendo Switch (although it is not adapted to portable mode).

In exchange for losing some versatility, he gains a lot in autonomy: at least one more hour, arriving at 7 hours. It includes about 32 GB of internal memory, stereo speakers and the Nvidia Tegra processor, similar to that of the Nintendo Switch.


The new console will be available from September 20 in yellow, gray and turquoise and there will be a special version of Pokémon (from Zacian and Zamazenta) that will arrive in November.

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