Indestructible Shoe Created

When it comes to footwear, most of us would like to wear sneakers all the time: they are light, comfortable, serve for sports and, depending on the design, can even be elegant. The only problem is they are not very durable, nor do they offer much protection for the feet. However, there is still a possibility. The Indestructible Shoes company has created what we could call a hybrid between shoes and armor. As the name implies, Indestructible Shoes specializes in footwear capable of receiving a serious beating, but the Ryder model is not a boot but a shoe with the most extreme footwear resistance.

The upper part is made with a breathable mesh of military grade kevlar but this does not make it heavier: just 400 grams. In the lower part the soles are made of an extremely flexible but almost impenetrable military grade material. They feature non-slip handles, shock absorption technology and electrical shock insulation. Whether we are on a sliding surface, a bed of nails or on a source with electric conduction, the feet will always be protected.

We hope to have more details on this shoe shortly and will report when we get them. For now, here’s a short video on them:

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